Her name is Irma Lomidze, She is a Professional Photographer/Makeup Artist. She was born in Belarus and moved to the US in 2013. She’ve been doing photography since she was 18 years old and been doing it professionally for the last 15 years.She has a lot of experience in different fields of photography such as events, weddings, kids and family photo shoots. But her passion is Fashion Photography. Also she started working as a makeup artist in 2015(and finished in 2020, realizing that her true passion is photography). She participated in different contests such as:
2010 international digital photography contest «Sport. Health. Success». 2 Place Winner.  
2011 «The best fashion photographer» in an international contest of fashion, photo and contemporary art "Dzikavata". - 1 Place Winner.
2012 I`ve got the title of The best photographer of Belarus according to the results of TV photo-contest «Fresh Top».  
2012-2015 Honorable Mention - Fashion and Beauty The International Photography Awards -top 50 in the world.
2013-2014 Honorable Mention category "Fashion Photography" at national award "Best Photographer" in Russia - top 20 in Russia.
2014 category "Fashion Photography" in Monochrome Awards. - 2 Place Winner + Honorable Mention.
2015 category "Fashion & Beauty" Photography in Monochrome Awards. - 2 Place Winner + Honorable Mention.
2016 Lucie Foundation sponsored event "The Analogue Portrait Project" which is part of Month of Photography in LA - People's Choice award, 3rd Place. 
2017 #TurnYourSkinOn winner of makeup master class from Pat McGrath. Worked with team Pat McGrath on Tommy Hilfiger fashion show in Los Angeles.
2017 category "Beauty" MIFA. The Moscow International Foto Awards. - 2 Place Winner + Honorable Mention.

Once working with Irma, you will fall in love in the process of the photo shoot. You will find yourself absolutely fresh and new and she will find and show your best YOU. 

 email : irmalomidze13@gmail.com
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